Gartner®: Market Guide for API Protection

Cybersecurity attacks that use APIs as an attack vector constitute a major threat to organizations and their sensitive data. This Market Guide can help security and risk management leaders understand which specialized products can assist in securing their organization’s APIs, and how.
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Market Guide for API Protection

Key findings and recommendations

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APIs — especially shadow and dormant ones — are causing data breaches among organizations that, on average, exceed the magnitude of other breaches. Many of these breaches can be attributed to access control misconfigurations.

Start using API protection products to discover and categorize your organization’sAPIs. Identify critical APIs that are publicly exposed and provide access to sensitivedata.

Perform a continuous security posture management assessment over the inventoried APIs to identify and provide recommendations to fix their potential exposures.

Discover Gartner's findings

Including a comprehensive list of recommendations for API protection.
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