Bring Cybersecurity the Transparency it Deserves

We protect what really matters to your business.

At Escape, we believe the problem of cybersecurity is not finding vulnerabilities. It's finding which ones to fix first and establishing the right action plan to protect your business.

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More than a simple prioritisation, a unique business approach to cyber risk

Our SaaS platform uses the generation of attack scenarios to prioritize security information, and thus establish an action plan focused on the cyber risk specific to the company’s business.

Key benefits

Based on the latest cyber security standards, the Escape platform allows security teams, for the first time, to automate the qualitative interpretation of their technical information.

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Connect your current cybersecurity tools

Aggregate information from your security tools already present on the network, whether it is cloud-based, on-premisses or hybrid.

Review critical machines and services

Escape automatically groups the machines on your network and assigns them a criticality score. You can always change these settings.

Explore attack scenarios

Escape provides you with an interactive interface to visualize and explore attack scenarios to your critical services, in a format compatible with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Continuous improvement reporting

Escape is committed in providing reports which translate technical operations into business issues. We provide a highly customizable dashboard to help you continuously monitor and evaluate your improvement.

The Team

We are two engineers and business graduates. A shared passion for cybersecurity, technological challenges and issues of national and European sovereignty brought us together to carry out this project.

Tristan Kalos



Antoine Carossio



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We are currently located between Berkeley, CA, and Biarritz, France.


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