Cybersecurity for Developers

We automate the protection of REST APIs using Machine Learning.

Developers focus on their core business. Escape takes care of the rest.

More than a simple security tool, automated penetration testing for developers

New agile development paradigms (DevSecOps) put application and infrastructure security in the hands of developers. Escape is the first SaaS platform entirely dedicated to developers security processes, allowing them to focus on their core business: shipping and maintaining features.

Key benefits

Escape is based on the creation of a minimal digital twin containing only the data useful for simulating computer attacks. The analysis of the different attack scenarios, powered by AI, enables the detection, prioritization and correction of vulnerabilities.

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Visualize your repositories

Scan your repositories in real time and get the criticality score for each branches.

Explore attack scenarios

Use an interactive interface to visualize and explore attack scenarios leading to your critical services, in a format compatible with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Manage your vulnerabilities

Get and manage your API's vulnerabilities. Get help into finding fixes, and monitor their mitigation.

Continuous improvement reporting

Recieve audit reports and monitor security continuousely over all your codebases.

The Team

We are two engineers and business graduates. A shared passion for cybersecurity, technological challenges and issues of national and European sovereignty brought us together to carry out this project.

Tristan Kalos



Antoine Carossio



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We are currently located between Berkeley, California, and Biarritz, France.


Learn2Launch, 109 McLaughlin Hall, Berkeley CA 94720-1720


8 B Rue de l'Operne, 64200 Biarritz, France