Automate API Security Testing and Discovery.

Find data leakage, authorization issues, and data corruption vulnerabilities in your API before they reach production.

Never deploy again without knowing what you risk

Analyze and perform extensive tests on your REST API before they get deployed into production. No extensive configuration required: connect Escape, launch a scan, get a full security report in minutes.

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Get Full Security Reports

Escape detects out-of-the-box OWASP API Top 10 Vulnerabilities, Server Security Errors, and Personal Identification Information (PII) potential leaks.

Instantly take remediation actions

Escape gives you extensive details on where each vulnerability appeared, why, and how to fix them. Don’t let any reach production again.

The Team

We are two engineers and business graduates. A shared passion for cybersecurity, technological challenges and issues of national and European sovereignty brought us together to carry out this project.

Tristan Kalos



Antoine Carossio



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We are currently located between Berkeley, California, and Biarritz, France.


Learn2Launch, 109 McLaughlin Hall, Berkeley CA 94720-1720


8 B Rue de l'Operne, 64200 Biarritz, France