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Find and fix vulnerabilities in your GraphQL applications — powered by Escape’s industry-leading GraphQL security intelligence.

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Ship your GraphQL API with
confidence that it is secure

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Escape is agentless. Start securing your endpoint in 1 minute with no configuration.

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Protect continuously

Escape constantly monitors your API using industry-leading GraphQL Security intelligence.

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Fix easily

Escapes provides tailor-made actionable fixes and guides you in the remediation process.

Secure your entire GraphQL API within your current workflow

Escapes supports your favorite GraphQL engine and seamlessly integrates with your tools, pipelines, CI/CD and workflows.

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We’re GraphQL security experts, so you don’t have to be

The Escape platform is powered by our industry-leading GraphQL security intelligence research, and allows you to:

  • Find and fix vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered
  • Detect and avoid sensitive data leaks (secrets, token, PII…)
  • Comply with standards: GDPR, OWASP TOP 10, PCI-DSS, etc.
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Boost your productivity and never worry about your GraphQL API security again

Escape is built with you in mind

💻 Developers focus on coding and ship fast
🔒 Security teams check off everything on their to-do-list
👮‍♂️ Security leaders boost the productivity of their teams!

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