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GraphQL Security best practices for Javascript GraphQL servers

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GraphQL Armor is a middleware for JS servers that adds a security layer to GraphQL endpoint in minutes.

GraphQL Armor is an open source Node package developed by Escape in partnership with The Guild to make your endpoint more secure by default by implementing common security best practises.

Effortless install

GraphQL Armor installs in one minute and implements recommended GraphQL security best practises by default. Check the doumentation for a highly customizable installation.

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Trusted by the GraphQL community

GraphQL Armor is compatible with all Apollo and Envelop servers. And because Escape is the GraphQL Security industry leader, GraphQL Armor is trusted by major actors of the industry.

  • The Guild and The Hive
  • Apollo GraphQL
  • Neo4J
  • ArangoDB
  • … and more!

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From best practices to production-grade security

GraphQL Armor implements common security best practices and is ideal for small open source projects.

For production-grade security, check for Escape scanner dedicated to developers and never worry about the security of your GraphQL application again!

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