Escape API Security Checklist

Escape API Security Checklist

Are you looking to make your API security program stronger? Do you sometimes find it challenging to spot and address security vulnerabilities effectively? You're not alone! Many security professionals like you face challenges in improving API security because technology and cyber threats keep changing. This makes ensuring strong API security a complex but vital task.

This checklist can help. You can use these guidelines to improve your API security posture. Feel free to adapt these guidelines to match your company's specific needs because, let's face it, no two organizations are exactly the same.

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Our checklist dives into various aspects of API security, such as designing secure APIs, testing them thoroughly, monitoring for potential issues, and seamlessly integrating security into your workflow. It's like your go-to manual for maintaining strong API security at every stage of your API's life cycle.

We've also made sure to discuss the necessary technical capabilities you should have, from identifying potential security gaps to protecting against them and promptly addressing any issues that may arise.

By following these best practices, you'll be able to prioritize your security efforts effectively, focusing on what matters most and minimizing potential risks.

Want to learn how to build an effective API security roadmap for 2024? Soon, we'll be releasing a comprehensive guide that will show you where to start and what to include, from goal planning to assigning stakeholder responsibilities. Sign up now to receive it once it's live!

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