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Leverage generative AI to discover and secure all your exposed APIs.
Test OWASP Top 10 and complex logic flaws at scale and empower your developers to adopt security in CI/CD. No agent, no proxy required.

Trusted by 1600+ security teams all over the world

Solve your API security problems

API discovery & inventory

Don’t know what your developers expose online?
Get an inventory of all your APIs in minutes, including Shadow APIs and Zombie APIs. No access to API traffic required.

Business logic security testing

Facing difficulties to identify and mitigate critical security vulnerabilities?
Detect OWASP Top 10 and complex logic flaws like sensitive data leaks. On all your APIs. At scale.

CI/CD integration & Developer-friendly remediations

Tired of struggling to get developers on board with security in the SDLC?
Empower your developers to adopt security by design with native CI/CD integration and actionable remediation code snippets for every finding.
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Get a free API attack surface assessment

Gain a complete understanding of your API security posture with a personalized assessment.

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Escape was able to find and help us fix API security flaws directly on our staging platform. By doing so before rolling out to production, Escape allows us to always do our best to stay secure and ahead of hackers.
Nicolas Gaudin
“As early as during the development process, Escape was able to find and help us fix security flaws that human security auditors have not seen.
Adrien Montfort
Adrien Montfort
We already were in the vetting stage for GraphQL Security vendors and haven’t found the one that would work specifically for Apollo, so when we saw Escape, it was an easy sell.
alek krasnov
Aleksandr Krasnov
Staff Security Engineer
Escape is an innovative tool, and its results and algorithms are truly impressive. It was able to find GraphQL vulnerabilities that their competitors haven't seen. It also provides me with extensive testing capabilities.
Pierre Charbel
Pierre Charbel
Product Security Engineer
What makes us unique

Unlike other API security tools, Escape was built with security engineers and developers in mind

Finally, stop scratching the surface. We've designed our proprietary feedback-driven API exploration algorithm, capable of achieving deep coverage for all API types, including at the business logic level.
Leverage the power of feedback-driven API exploration to create your custom tests and payloads. Enhance pentests and bug bounty programs with automated rules to ensure your issues never reoccur.
Create workflows to automate API security for your developers and security teams. Connect with your existing tools and notify the right person when each new issue arises. Make the remediation process effortless.
Finally, tranquility

That’s the feeling of knowing you’re in control of your entire API security posture

Automated API Discovery & Inventory

Escape offers a unique approach to API security through agentless scanning.  You can gain a complete view of all your exposed APIs in minutes, along with their context.

Escape scans IP ranges or domains to collect key data about discovered APIs, including endpoint URLs, methods, response codes, and metadata, identifying potential security risks, sensitive data exposure and attack paths.

API Security Testing, powered by AI

Ensure a comprehensive security coverage of 50+ security tests for GraphQL & REST APIs, including OWASP Top 10, business logic, and access control.

For automated security scanning, seamlessly plug Escape into your CI/CD systems like Github Actions or Gitlab CIs to catch and fix security issues before they reach production and shift security left.

Compliance management

Escape helps you ensure compliance with industry standards like OWASP API Security Top 10, HIPAA, GDPR and PCI DSS.

Our platform analyzes your APIs and generates detailed reports, providing you with a clear understanding of your compliance status and areas for improvement.

Contextual risk assessment

Make well-informed business decisions based on their impact. Escape shows alerts that represent real risks rather than simply showing issues that may pose a potential risk, resulting in ultra-low/no false positives.

Custom security rules

Escape provides users with the capability to inject custom payloads in its security scanner to ensure precision and thoroughness in testing.

For example, you can send custom requests to any URLs within your organization. This feature is particularly useful for running static security assessments on your web applications, identifying regression bugs, or investigating specialized in-house security concerns.

Developer-friendly remediation

Escape provides tailored and actionable remediation guidance to help your developers fix vulnerabilities quickly.

Gain instant access to the affected repository and remediation code snippets to share within your workflows.

Stay secure, act fast

Securing your APIs isn’t easy, but we’ve got your back.
We’re here to help your security team stay ahead of the curve and remediate vulnerabilities faster.

Industry leaders trust Escape

Escape enables bi-directional sharing of security findings across the API security ecosystem to reduce risk, improve efficiency and enable an open API security community.

Snyk Code

Easily correlate Snyk Code results with Escape's business logic testing capabilities

GraphQL foundation

Escape is an active member of the GraphQL Foundation, founded by global technology and application development companies

Amazon Web Services

Escape is run on AWS servers and is available on AWS Marketplace, helping your simplify procurement

OpenAPI Initiative

Escape is a member of OpenAPI initiative, the global standard for critical areas of API operations, including testing, scripting, automation, workflows, governance and discovery


Escape and Postman collaborate on improving the API Security ecosystem with API exposure and threat information sharing
Connect the dots

Secure your entire
API lifecycle

Connect the dots

Secure your entire
API lifecycle

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