About Escape

Securing 100% of your APIs shouldn’t be this hard

We help your business stay secure with automated API discovery and security testing.
Our mission

Helping organizations build secure applications.

We firmly believe it’s time to bring more AI-driven innovation to cybersecurity. 

With this conviction, Escape was born in 2020, when one of our co-founders fell victim to a hacker and realized that exposed APIs put many organizations at high risk.

Fast forward a few years, Escape's AI emulates the behavior of a hacker. It interacts with APIs and applications, learning the underlying business processes to detect vulnerabilities  before hackers can exploit them.

Today, Escape has evolved beyond, allowing you to quickly inventory all your APIs, detect OWASP Top 10 and complex logic flaws at scale, and empower your developers to adopt security in CI/CD.

This is the moment you can trust we’ve got your applications covered.

Management team

Tristan Kalos

Co-founder & CEO
Ex-AI Researcher at UC Berkeley

Antoine Carossio

Co-founder & CTO – Ex Security Engineer @ Apple

Maxence Lecanu

Tech Lead – Ex Software Engineer @ Theodo

Our investors


YCombinator startup accelerator


Ex-Otium Capital

IRIS capital

IRIS Capital Venture Firm for Early Stage & Growth

Tiny Supercomputer Investment

Earliest Stage Technology Investments

Kima Ventures

The most active Business Angel in the world

Irregular Expressions

Seasoned software engineering investors

Olivier Pomel

Co-founder & CEO
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Roxanne Varza

Directrice @ STATION F / Scout @ Sequoia Capital

Amit Agarwal

Datadog logo

Renaud Deraison

Co-founder & CTO
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Gabriel-James Safar

Co-founder & CEO
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Victor Coisne

VP Marketing at Strapi
Strapi logo

Mehdi Medjaoui

Founder at ALIAS.dev and APIdays conferences
Apidays logo

Amirhossein Malekzadeh

Co-founder & CEO at Logmatic.io
Logmatic logo

Alexis Monville

Chief of Staff to the CTO at Red Hat
Redhat logo

Sam Hatoum

CEO & Founder at Xolvio
Xolvio logo

Philippe Langlois

Founder, CEO @Qualys and @P1 Security
Qualys logo

Uri Goldshtein

Founder at The Guild
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