Introducing Agentless API Discovery & Inventory

Today, we’re finally unveiling new capabilities of Escape - agentless discovery and inventory of APIs within their specific business context.

Introducing Agentless API Discovery & Inventory

Hello from Escape 👋

Today, we’re finally unveiling new capabilities of Escape - the agentless discovery and inventory of APIs within their specific business context. Months of tireless effort from our tech team, and now the wait is over, and it's finally here!

The new API discovery and inventory capabilities will be available for the following API types:

  • GraphQL
  • REST
  • gRPC

This advancement accelerates our vision to become a comprehensive AI-powered API Security platform.

Traditional API discovery and inventory

API security is a critical concern for organizations aiming to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their data and systems. Yet, current API security solutions often struggle to identify shadow APIs - APIs that exist and operate outside the official, monitored channels within an organization. Well-meaning developers may create them to speed up their work, or they could be remnants from previous software versions.

According to Gartner's latest study, it is predicted that by 2027, 75% of employees will acquire, modify, or create technology outside of IT's visibility, further escalating this issue. 

Traditional API security solutions rely on observing real API traffic to detect and monitor APIs. This process happens through the deployment of an agent or the integration with API Gateways and proxies. 

Shadow APIs, since they are deployed outside of the organization’s API Gateways and proxies, often go undetected, creating blind spots. These constraints make it challenging for security teams to enforce strong security measures. 

And it may compromise an organization's ability to keep its data entirely confidential, as monitoring production traffic involves sharing complete access to your organization's data with third parties in ways that may not be completely secure.

Escape's agentless approach

The agentless technology developed by Escape gives you complete visibility into APIs exposed by your organization within minutes. It allows you to automatically test all documented and undocumented APIs and ensures that your organization's data remains completely confidential. 

Escape provides full visibility into the API attack surface by extracting security signals directly from developer tools and merging this data with custom external exposure intelligence. The data is then organized into a structured inventory that categorizes APIs based on business use, data sensitivity, and security risks. 

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Escape's agentless API discovery and inventory

What will you achieve?

By organizing API data into a clear inventory, we help you to

  • streamline compliance processes
  • reduce risk exposure
  • enhance communication between developers and security teams

And more than that, this approach helps to integrate security more tightly into the development process.

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With these new features, we're now well-positioned to help you solve your various challenges of API security. From now on, we can make sure that your APIs are both secure and efficiently managed!

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