Say Hi to SecureGPT: The free Security Tool for ChatGPT Developers

Say Hi to SecureGPT: The free Security Tool for ChatGPT Developers
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๐Ÿ‘‹ tl;dr Are you a ChatGPT plugin developer who wants to ensure the safety and security of your creations? Look no further. Escape is thrilled to announce the release of SecureGPT, a lightning-fast and free security tool designed specifically for ChatGPT plugins. Secure your ChatGPT plugins in seconds with SecureGPT at

With the ever-growing popularity of ChatGPT, it has become imperative to prioritize the security of plugins. Indeed, while the introduction of plugins for ChatGPT opens a world of endless possibilities, it also comes with certain cybersecurity risks:

  1. Bad plugins: Harmful plugins might steal your user information or damage your infrastructure.
  2. Weak plugins: Some plugins have flaws that attackers can exploit.
  3. Unsafe data: Plugins might not store or send your information safely.
  4. Unsecure communication: Plugins might send information to other services unsafely.

Understanding those risks is important to protect your users and organization. And as a developer or security professional, you are responsible for ensuring the security of your creationsโ€ฆ but you definitely lack tooling. SecureGPT is here to bridge that gap! Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Speed: Test your ChatGPT plugins in just seconds.
  • Thourghouness: SecureGPT supports the OWASP TOP 10 API2023 and gains new capabilities every day!
  • Easiness: To test the security of your ChatGPT plugin, paste the URL of its manifest, like in this example.
SecureGPT gives results in seconds

Our solution leverages Escape's unique feedback-driven API exploration algorithm, specifically designed for testing APIs based on their specification. Indeed, ChatGPT plugins are based on the REST OpenAPI specification. By generating legitimate requests according to the business logic of the underlying API, SecureGPT quickly identifies common vulnerabilities and proposes remediations.

SecureGPT is accessible through our website at While our free quick scan offers rapid results, developers who are interested in leveraging the full power of the Escape platform can join our waiting list for additional features and capabilities. Escape has an exciting roadmap ahead, with numerous features in the pipeline. These include CI/CD scans for securing ChatGPT plugins at each new release, advanced remediations, reporting, load testing and performance, etc.

To learn more about SecureGPT, give feedback, or get in touch with the Escape team, join our vibrant Discord community at

Don't let security vulnerabilities hold your ChatGPT plugins back. Start scanning with SecureGPT today and give your users the peace of mind they deserve!

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