Introducing Escape v2: More Power, More Security, and More Control Over Your GraphQL APIs

Introducing Escape v2: More Power, More Security, and More Control Over Your GraphQL APIs
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tl;dr we are releasing the biggest update of our GraphQL Security platform so far. It includes numerous new features, including API Posture management, Reporting Overview, Better CI/CD Integration,  GitHub SSO, and OWASP API Top 10 2023 Support.

Hello, Escape community! We are thrilled to announce the release of Escape v2, the result of months of intense work by the Escape team, driven by feedback from the community and our users.

Our latest version is packed with exciting new features with a double goal:

  • Helping developers and security engineers to have an in-depth understanding of how their GraphQL API behaves, what are the weak points, and how to fix them
  • Giving engineering and security leaders an overview of the risk and how it is evolving

🔭 API Posture Management: In-Depth Security Analysis

One of the most requested features is now here: API Posture Management.

This new panel aims to give you full visibility over the behavior of your GraphQL APIs. It lets you observe all your queries and mutations in-depth, understand where sensitive data and secrets flow through your app, which operations are slow, and which are the most vulnerable.

It is a formidable, instant monitoring and debugging tool that we already use very successfully on our own API at Escape.

Escape's API Posture Management feature used to analyze in depth the result of a graphql query

📈 Reporting: Track Your Security Progress Over Time

We know that monitoring the evolution of your security posture is essential in today’s fast-paced development world.

That’s why we’ve introduced Reporting, allowing you to analyze the progress of your security risk over time. With this feature, you can track improvements, spot trends, and stay ahead of potential threats.

🕊 Seamless CI/CD Integration: Security at the Speed of Development

At Escape, we understand the importance of integrating security into your development pipeline. That’s why we’ve made it even easier to incorporate Escape into your CI/CD processes.

With better CI/CD integration, you can ensure that your GraphQL APIs are secure every step of the way without slowing down your development cycles.

👩‍💻 User Roles and Permissions: Collaborate with Confidence

Collaboration is key, as is maintaining control over your organization’s data and resources.

With the new User Roles and Permissions feature, you can easily manage access to your Escape projects and resources, ensuring your team can collaborate securely and efficiently.

🔗 Github Connection: Streamlined Workflow for Developers

We know many of you rely on GitHub for your development needs, and we’re excited to announce our new GitHub connection feature.

By integrating your GitHub account with Escape, you can streamline your workflow and access your Escape projects directly from your Github repositories, making it even easier to secure your GraphQL APIs.

🛡️ OWASP API Top 10 2023 Support: Stay Ahead of the Curve

Security best practices are constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date is critical.

We now support the OWASP API Top 10 2023, ensuring that your GraphQL APIs adhere to the latest security guidelines and address the most pressing security risks.

These industry-standard recommendations can enhance API security and protect your applications from emerging threats.

📢 Wrapping Up

The Escape team is committed to helping you build secure, reliable, and performant GraphQL APIs.

We’re confident that our v2 release will empower you and your team to create even more secure applications.

If you use GraphQL and haven't started your free trial, you can register on our website and get a free scan.

Give Escape v2 a try today and experience the future of GraphQL security!

Food for thoughts

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