The Elephant in AppSec Conference is here!

Get ready for some opinionated talks.

The Elephant in AppSec Conference is here!

Hey there! 👋

I’m excited to let you know that we’ll be hosting our first virtual conference aligned with the values of our podcast, The Elephant in AppSec! The conference is going to be spicy, where strong opinions and Application Security experts come together like toast and butter.

Our goal is to explore a wide range of AppSec topics while providing an engaging educational experience for all attendees! 

The speaker lineup is already heating up, and I'll be unveiling them gradually over the coming weeks.

The CFP is still open, as we want to provide an opportunity for everyone to share their opinions. I'm always on the lookout for the hottest AppSec takes.

It’s totally virtual and free - you can join no matter where you are!

When is it? 7 November 2024

Dual Track Conference

To provide you with the most valuable insights from AppSec experts, we’ve divided the talks into two tracks, allowing you to choose the topics that interest you most.

Track 1: General AppSec Topics

Dive into a broad range of application security topics, exploring what’s wrong with AppSec and what needs improvement. Perfect for those looking to expand their overall AppSec knowledge and hear some spicy takes on various industry topics. 

Track 2: Focus on AppSec Tools

This track is perfect for those who want to hear each speaker's specific take on different AppSec tools or all of them in general. You can expect critiques of tool features, examples of nonsensical marketing, and, of course, several mentions of how the XYZ tool is dead.

Will it be recorded? YES! Please join live, especially if you want to challenge our speakers. But no worries, we’ll share recordings afterward. 

We hope to see you there!