Unveiling API Catalog for GraphQL

Escape launches the first Asset Inventory and Attack Surface Management solution for GraphQL APIs with its new API Catalog feature.

Unveiling API Catalog for GraphQL
API Catalog GraphQL

At Escape, we understand that maintaining control and visibility over your company's exposed services is paramount in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our focus is to provide robust, intuitive solutions that help you secure your GraphQL APIs more efficiently and effectively. Today, we're excited to announce our latest feature – the API Catalog for GraphQL applications.

Strengthen your Security Team with Attack Surface Management Capabilities

The API Catalog serves as a one-stop destination where your whole company can find up-to-date, detailed information about the GraphQL APIs used across your business. It facilitates improved monitoring of your mission-critical, API-driven business features. It enables you to standardize and validate API security expectations, alerting you when security deviates from the set standards.

With Escape's Catalog, you can go beyond traditional Attack Surface Management to cultivate a robust, future-ready cybersecurity posture, ensuring your business stays one step ahead of potential threats. Security Team can maintain better control of APIs and services exposed by developers on the Internet.

The new GraphQL API Catalog feature in the Escape Platform

Illuminating the Dark Corners: Detecting Zombie and Shadow APIs

In today's complex digital environment, Zombie APIs (outdated or deprecated APIs that are no longer actively maintained) and Shadow APIs (unofficial APIs that are not known or recognized by the organization) pose significant security risks. These dormant or hidden entities can easily become conduits for unauthorized access and data breaches. That's where Escape's API Catalog steps in. With its automated discovery capability, it allows you to inventory and catalog these overlooked APIs. By shining a light on these potential blind spots, our Catalog enables you to regain control and tighten your API security. No Zombie or Shadow API goes unnoticed, ensuring comprehensive protection of your digital assets. This enhanced visibility is a key factor in establishing a fortified, resilient API security posture.

Transforming Business Logic Security Testing

Our new API Catalog offers an invaluable advantage for Business Logic Security Testing. By providing a comprehensive view of your exposed GraphQL APIs, it empowers your security teams to prioritize these APIs, leading to a significant reduction in false positives. This innovative feature allows for focused, accurate testing that hones in on what truly matters – the security of your exposed APIs.

What You Can Do with the API Catalog

Our API Catalog is packed with features designed to streamline your API security process:

  1. Automated Asset Inventory: Get a unified inventory of all GraphQL APIs, where endpoints serve as the organizing principle.
  2. Attack Surface Management: Bring together all APIs from various sources for a consolidated, clear view.
  3. Security Metrics: Quickly identify issues and track API health through intuitive, informative security metrics for API endpoints.
  4. Alerting System: Receive notifications when a new vulnerability is discovered or a new API is exposed on the internet, allowing your team to respond promptly and effectively.

Simple Setup and Seamless Integration

Manage your company domains inside the Escape Platform

Setting up the API Catalog is a breeze – all you need to do is configure is the domain names owned by your organization. This feature is designed to offer maximum utility with minimal disruption to your existing processes.

Get ready to transform your approach to Business Logic Security Testing with Escape's API Catalog. Let Escape help you build a comprehensive inventory of all your APIs, including GraphQL, REST, and gRPC.

Secure your APIs now !

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