Escape joins the GraphQL Foundation to push for a more secure ecosystem

Escape joins the GraphQL Foundation to push for a more secure ecosystem

Alongside AWS, Microsoft, META, and PayPal, Escape has joined GraphQL Foundation to lend a hand to the GraphQL community in securing their APIs.

Two years have passed since Escape members dedicated their work to providing all the necessary tools, support, and information to help the GraphQL community develop the most secure endpoints.

Escape has taken a new step towards this goal. I am excited to announce that we are now a member of GraphQL Foundation. Our team can’t wait to help the Foundation build a more vibrant and secure GraphQL ecosystem.

GraphQL is considered a new and emerging technology that is taking the world by storm, providing developers with tools for a better and more robust design for their APIs. However, like most emerging technologies, GraphQL is still lacking in specific aspects, one of which we identified to be the most critical: SECURITY.

After sharing many discussions with GraphQL pioneers and plunging into the GraphQL ecosystem, we understood that "Automated GraphQL Security Testing" is becoming an insisting necessity, the basis of which Escape was established.

Contributing to the community was also one of the driving forces behind our work. We started by perfecting our automated security scanner available for everyone at followed by GraphQL Armor, an open-source middleware for Apollo Server that adds a security layer to any GraphQL endpoint in minutes.

The Escape team is proud to share the knowledge we've accumulated from securing many applications with the Foundation and contribute to this amazing community.

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