AppSec vendors and CISOs: a love-hate relationship? ⎜Olivia Rose

AppSec vendors and CISOs: a love-hate relationship? ⎜Olivia Rose

Welcome to the Elephant in AppSec, the podcast to explore, challenge, and boldly face the AppSec Elephants in the room.

Today, we're joined by an amazing guest, Olivia Rose.

Olivia is an executive leader with more than 20 years of dedicated experience, having served as the former CISO at Amplitude and Mailchimp and currently as the Founder of the Rose CISO Group.

Her company offers virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, boardroom and leadership communications, assessment services, keynote speaking, event presentations, and career and executive coaching.

Olivia is a frequently requested speaker on cybersecurity at events like BSides or RSA, as well as on podcasts.

In her free time, she enjoys mentoring young women and minorities interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. At Cyversity, Olivia launched and now leads the mentorship program with over 500 participants.

In our conversation, Olivia shares how:

  • Building networks and relationships is crucial in the cybersecurity field, both for career development and business success.
  • Establishing human connections is key to engaging with CISOs.
  • Remote-first cultures might present challenges for building relationships, but creative approaches can help overcome these barriers.
  • Why marketing and communication skills are crucial in cybersecurity, as they help tailor messages to different audiences.
  • The role of the CISO is evolving, requiring a balance between technical expertise and strategic business acumen. Building strategic skills in cybersecurity takes time and experience.
  • Effective communication with older professionals requires a more professional and straightforward approach.
  • The new generation of cybersecurity professionals is comfortable with both technical and soft skills.

And much more. Dive right in!

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