Adversarial machine learning: what is it and are we ready? ⎜Anmol Agarwal

Today, we're joined by Anmol Agarwal, a security researcher at Nokia. Tune in as we challenge her insights on adversarial machine learning.

Adversarial machine learning: what is it and are we ready? ⎜Anmol Agarwal

Welcome to the Elephant in AppSec, the podcast to explore, challenge, and boldly face the AppSec Elephants in the room.

Today we’re excited to have an amazing guest,  Anmol Agarwal, join us.

Anmol is a security researcher at Nokia, focused on securing AI and Machine Learning in 6G and securing 5G.

She also holds a doctoral degree in cybersecurity analytics from George Washington University. Her research was focused on adversarial machine learning and Federated Learning.

Anmol is also an active speaker and has spoken at various conferences and events including SecureWorld, Pacific Hackers Conference, and Bridges in Tech.

In her free time, she enjoys giving back to the community and is an active industry mentor for Women in CyberSecurity and WCAPS.

As you can see, Anmol is a true expert in adversarial machine learning, so we have decided to challenge her on its current state and how she sees its evolution in the future.

In our conversation, Anmol shares:

  • Key trends in AI and ML, including generative AI and the metaverse.
  • Exploration of the concept of digital twins and the use of AI in simulating real-world systems.
  • Highlighting the importance of security in the metaverse and the potential risks associated with virtual reality headsets.
  • Explanation of adversarial machine learning and discussion of different types of attacks, such as data poisoning and membership inference.
  • The need for frameworks and standards to protect against machine learning attacks.
  • Insights into their work on security standardization for telecommunications.
  • Advice for individuals interested in cybersecurity and machine learning.
  • Recommendations for further learning resources.

And much more. Dive right in!

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