98% of GraphQL APIs are vulnerable.
Are yours?

Secure GraphQL APIs with Escape’s developer-friendly GraphQL Security platform. Get in-depth security scanning without agent deployment or changes to your infrastructure.
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Trusted by 1600+ security teams all over the world

Escape is an innovative tool, and its results and algorithms are truly impressive. It was able to find GraphQL vulnerabilities that their competitors haven't seen. It also provides me with extensive testing capabilities.
Pierre Charbel
Product Security Engineer
Lifesaver for GraphQL APIs with the GraphQL Armor library. Each issue provides effective remediation, saving time spent on the web searching for solutions.
Simpy P.
Security Engineer
We already were in the vetting stage for GraphQL Security vendors and haven’t found the one that would work specifically for Apollo, so when we saw Escape, it was an easy sell.
Aleksandr Krasnov
Staff Security Engineer

Powerful, yet simple to use


Find and fix your GraphQL vulnerabilities before production 

Unlike other GraphQL security solutions, Escape performs fast, in-depth security scanning with outstanding coverage.
Escape does not require any manual configuration, input traffic data, or an agent.

Discover your attack surface

Get a full inventory of all your GraphQL endpoints in just a few minutes. Powered by subdomain enumeration, script analysis, and efficient brute-force methods, our solutions ensures fast and accurate endpoint discovery with no prior knowledge of your applications.

Detect complex business logic vulnerabilities

Protect your sensitive data effortlessly, by detecting business logic vulnerabilities before production. Escape's AI-based fuzzing algorithm employs strategic payload injection techniques, ensuring comprehensive security coverage.

Remediate faster

Given actionable remediation code snippets for each security alert, empower your developers to adopt security by design in your software development and/or production environments.

Prevent attacks

Reduce the risk of successful attacks without any changes to your infrastructure.

Comply seamlessly

Easily comply wihth regulations such as PCI-DSS or GDPR, and avoid regulatory fines and reputational damage from incidents.

Reduce redundant testing costs

Reduce redundant pentesting cost and automate your security testing throughout the SDLC.

Escape relies on state-of-the-art Research & Development

Escape relies on a powerful feedback-driven exploration algorithm that can explore and understand the business logic of your API. After only a few seconds, Escape can generate legitimate sequences of requests with payloads that make sense and respect the business logic of your API in a fully automated manner.

This is Escape's key differentiator that gives it the ability to perform fast, in-depth security scanning with outstanding coverage. Escape does not require any manual configuration, input traffic data, or an agent.

At Escape, we strive to deliver the most developer-friendly GraphQL security solution on the market, with significantly broader coverage and more relevant results than the competition, all while removing the hassle of manually updating tests as the API evolves.

Start discovering and securing your GraphQL APIs now

Don’t let your vulnerabilities escape.
Secure your GraphQL applications before they reach production.

Escape values research and open-source community

Escape enables sharing of security findings across the GraphQL ecosystem to reduce risk and improve efficiency.

GraphQL Armor

GraphQL Armor is an open source Node package developed by Escape in partnership with The Guild to make your endpoints more secure by default by implementing common security best practices.

GraphQL foundation

Escape is an active member of the GraphQL Foundation, founded by global technology and application development companies.

Escape discovered its own CVEs

Everything you need to know about Escape GraphQL security

Frequently asked questions

Do you support all GraphQL engines?
Yes, we support all GraphQL engines, including Apollo, Yoga, AWS AppSync framework engine, GraphQL Go, GraphQL Ruby, Hasura, and others. You'll be able to view the corresponding framework engine after your scan.
What's the advantage of integrating GraphQL security testing in CI/CD?
The earlier you catch security vulnerabilities, the better. Addressing these issues during the API development phase proves significantly more cost-effective and manageable compared to resolving them post-production. Active Testing allows organizations to more confidently and efficiently deliver applications to the business and remain competitive securely.
Do you support federated GraphQL API?
Yes, Escape supports discoverability and security testing for federated GraphQL APIs.
Do you support Apollo GraphQL?
Yes, Escape supports Apollo framework enginer for GraphQL APIs.
How is GraphQL testing different than REST?
GraphQL testing differs from REST testing primarily in how requests and responses are handled. Unlike REST, where each endpoint typically returns a fixed set of data, GraphQL allows clients to specify exactly what data they need, leading to more flexible and efficient queries. Therefore, GraphQL testing focuses more on ensuring the correctness of the query structure and response data, while REST testing often involves testing individual endpoints and their specific functionalities.
Can I test it for free?
Yes, you can sign up on the platform for free to try all our features.

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