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Max Tokens

Limit the number of tokens in a GraphQL document.

It is used to prevent DOS attack, heap overflow or server overloading.

The token limit is often limited by the graphql parser, but this is not always the case and would lead to a fatal heap overflow.

Configuring for GraphQL Armor

maxTokens: {
// Toogle the plugin | default: true
enabled?: boolean,

// Tokens threshold | default: 1000
n?: int,

// Callbacks that are ran whenever a Query is accepted
onAccept?: GraphQLArmorAcceptCallback[],

// Callbacks that are ran whenever a Query is rejected
onReject?: GraphQLArmorRejectCallback[],

// Do you want to propagate the rejection to the client? | default: true
propagateOnRejection?: boolean,

Standalone usage



If you want to use the maxTokens plugin out of GraphQL Armor, you can install it from npm:

# npm
npm install

# yarn
yarn add

With @graphql/graphql-js

You can directly use the maxTokens option:

import { parse } from '@graphql/graphql-js';
parse('{ foo }', { maxTokens: 2 }));

With @envelop/core from @the-guild-org

import { envelop } from '@envelop/core';
import { maxTokensPlugin } from '';

const getEnveloped = envelop({
plugins: [
// ... other plugins ...
maxTokenCount: 1000,