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Character Limit

Limit number of characters in a GraphQL query document.

This help preventing DoS attacks by hard-limiting the size of the query document.

Out of core

This plugin is not part of the core package, you need to install it separately.


# npm
npm install

# yarn
yarn add


With @envelop/core from @the-guild-org

import { envelop } from '@envelop/core';
import { characterLimitPlugin } from '';

const getEnveloped = envelop({
plugins: [
// ... other plugins ...
maxLength: 15000, // Number of characters allowed | Default: 15000

Design considerations

  • We recommend using the max-tokens plugin instead of this one.
  • This plugin is not part of the core package as your engine may provide such feature.
  • This plugin does not limit the size of input variables.
  • This plugin relies on a parser plugin to works and access query document through the context.