Visit Escape – API Security

I. Introduction

1) Objective

SecureGPT by is a tool made to reinforce the security of ChatGPT Manifests and shall only be used for that purpose.

2) Application

These General Terms set forth the terms and conditions governing the access and use of SecureGPT by (the "Service") provided by Escape Technologies SAS ("Escape"), a company incorporated under the laws of France with its principal place of business located at 8 B Rue de l'Operne, 64200 Biarritz, France, registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Bayonne under number 888 699 584, to the user who is using the Service (the “User”) and has accepted these General Terms.

By clicking on "Scan", the User accepts these General Terms and the conditions incorporated hereto by reference. Therefore, he/she undertakes to comply with all of these provisions, which shall take effect on the date on which the User gives his or her consent (hereinafter, the "Effective Date"), on the site published by Escape and accessible at (hereinafter, the "Site").

3) Definitions

  • "API" means Application Programming Interface and refers to a technology that allows two applications to communicate with each other through the Internet.
  • "An API's owner" refers to any legal or natural person endorsed with the responsibility to access, modify and perform security scans on the API under test.
  • "User's API" means the APIs owned by the User and tested via SecureGPT by Escape.
  • "Security Scan" means an automated testing tool that finds misconfigurations on a user's API by performing specific security checks.

4) Conditions

The service provided by Escape shall only be performed on a user's API.

II. Responsibility of the user

The User declares to be the API's Owner and has the right, without limitation, to access, modify and perform security scans on the API under test on Escape's platform.

Any misuse or damage caused will be solely the user's responsibility.

III. Responsibility of Escape

The User waives the right to hold Escape liable for any damage to the files, database, or any document entrusted to the user.

The User agrees that Escape shall not be liable for any loss of profits, business interruption, claims by the User, or claims made against the User by any third party.

IV. Technical scope of the Security Scan

The technical scope of Escape's scan only targets the services specified in the ChatGPT manifest given by the user.

V. Data collected

The user authorizes Escape to exploit the results of the scans performed on its platform for statistical and optimization purposes.

By launching a Security Scan on SecureGPT by Escape, the user accepts that Escape collects his/her email for marketing purposes.