We believe in making application security a seamless part of your development process.

Our expertise in GraphQL allowed us to create a unique Application Security Platform. Escape automates API discovery and testing, offers business-centric risk assessments to AppSec teams, and shifts security left by assisting developers with remediation.

Now, we're bringing those new generation DAST and ASM capabilities to REST APIs.

Why DAST should be at the heart of your AppSec strategy?

The industry-leading Business Logic Testing technology now available for REST

As developers and security professionals ourselves, we recognized that while SCA and SAST are valuable, they are not sufficient at scale.

That's why we decided to reinvent DAST, enhancing it with ASM capabilities. With Escape's unique technical approach, Feedback-Driven API exploration, automate testing for business logic vulnerabilities in all your applications, in minutes, within the development process.

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Escape isn't just another security solution — here's why we stand out

Detect your exposed APIs and get vulnerabilities

Automated API Catalog

Detect your exposed APIs and get business-contextual vulnerabilities to help you prioritize risk.

Automate business logic testing of your applications

Business Logic Security Testing (DAST)

Automate Business Logic Testing of your applications thanks to Escape's unique Feedback-Driven Exploration Technology.

Integrate security within the DevOps processes

Automated Remediation (DevSecOps)

Integrate security within the DevOps processes and let Developers remediate findings autonomously.

All modern Apis testing and requires no agent nor traffic

Plug & Play

Escape works out of the box and requires no agent nor traffic.

Save time and keep your development on schedule with Dynamic Security Testing

Blazing fast

Increase productivity with DAST that completes in minutes, not hours.

Get results with an ultra-low false positive rate

Low false positive rate

Get results with an ultra-low false positive rate and allow your teams to focus on real issues.


REST APIs are not spared

More and more organizations are extending their software offering with APIs. They enable external developers to leverage their services, open new usage streams, and empower fruitful partnerships between organizations. APIs have become a fully parallel world wide web, where interactions between companies are entirely managed by robots, without humans in the loop.

How do Public APIs compare to each other regarding quantitative metrics of security, performance and reliability? We analysed 6,000+ REST APIs for you and compiled the results in this one-of-a-kind report.

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Find and fix vulnerabilities in your GraphQL API

Join the Private Beta for REST

We can't wait for you to experience the benefits of our REST support. To get a head start, join our Private Beta and be the first to supercharge your REST API security with Escape.

Escape, Never worry about your GraphQL API security again With Escape secure your GraphQL API in the development process

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