# ⚙️ Advanced Configuration

Escape has a few parameters you can set as you please.

You are able to manually configure a few things, such as permissions or environment_mode from your application (Advanced Settings) page.

JSON Schema example
    "params": {
        complexity_mode: low,
        environment_mode: dev,
        permissions: {'mutation': {'exclude': ['**value**'], 'only_on': ['**value**']}, 'objects': {'exclude': ['**value**'], 'only_on': ['**value**']}, 'query': {'exclude': ['**value**'], 'only_on': ['**value**']}},
        speed_mode: medium,

# Complexity mode

The choosen complexity

Must be one of ['low', 'medium', 'high', 'no_limit']

    "params": {'complexity_mode': 'low'}

# Environment mode

The choosen mode for the tested API

Must be one of ['dev', 'prod']

    "params": {'environment_mode': 'dev'}

# Permissions

The operations that will be skipped or the only operations escape will run security tests on.

    "params": {'permissions': {'mutation': {'exclude': ['**value**'], 'only_on': ['**value**']}, 'objects': {'exclude': ['**value**'], 'only_on': ['**value**']}, 'query': {'exclude': ['**value**'], 'only_on': ['**value**']}}}

# Speed mode

The choosen speed of the explore

Must be one of ['medium', 'slow', 'fast']

    "params": {'speed_mode': 'medium'}

# Hotstart

You are able to hotstart Escape with legitimate GraphQL query strings, to make it even more powerful. Escape will use these data to understand better the business logic of your application, and thus run faster and provide even more precise results.

The provided queries and mutations must be in a list under the key hotstart. You can provide as many queries you want, with as many parameters you want, with the complexity you want.

    "hotstart": [
        "query { child(parentId: 'b63f4020-45f6-4f33-9747-32ac8f270097' ) { id name birthdate }}",
        "query { bank(account: 1337) { id address }}"