# 🛎 Integrations

The GraphQL Security world is moving fast, and your application too!

Indeed, Escape constantly adapts to new GraphQL security vulnerabilities and attack scenarios. On the other side, your developers add dozens or hundreds of commits to your app every day, thus inevitably new vulnerabilities...

Escape is a continuous security testing solution so that you never have to worry about the security of your GraphQL application again. It notifies you every time it finds a new vulnerability before it is too late!

Escape currently supports three notification systems, which is pretty straightforward to configure from the platform so you never miss any new vulnerability!

# Email

To configure your Email notification settings, head to the notification page (opens new window).

Theses settings are bound to your account. You can configure them freely without any impact on your team.

# Slack

To configure a new Slack webhook, head to the integrations page (opens new window).

Click on the Add Slack button and fill the form with your slack webhook (opens new window) url.

# Discord

To configure a new Discord webhook, you can head to the integrations page (opens new window).

Click on the Add Discord button and fill the form with your discord webhook (opens new window) url.

# Snyk

By linking your Escape organization with A Snyk organization, you can enrich our alerts with potential responsible source code, identified in Snyk code.

To configure a new Snyk integration, you can head to the Snyk integration page (opens new window), and enter your Snyk API key and your Snyk organization ID.

Once this configuration is done, you will be able to link Escape applications with Snyk projects from the advanced configuration tab of your application.

After an application and a project are linked, we will automatically bind alerts from Escape with potential causes identified in Snyk code (opens new window).